Email Correspondence with C.F Payne

Throughout the connections module, we were encouraged to reach out to an international illustrator. I decided to do an email correspondence with C.F Payne, his answers were interesting to read and his perspective on illustration in America is quite remarkable. I first contacted him on the March 1st, for which he was very helpful withContinue reading “Email Correspondence with C.F Payne”

Email correspondence with Nick Diggory

Australian illustrator Nick Diggory is recognised for his outstanding characterisation and depicting scenes in ordinary day life. I discovered him recently, and needless to say I absolutely love his work. The Brexit illustration is considered one of my favourites from his work. Here is the link to his website. I want to thank Nick DiggoryContinue reading “Email correspondence with Nick Diggory”

Speaker Karrie Fransman

“Everyone can draw comics and create worlds.” Karrie Fransman is an UK illustrator and artist, specialising in comic book creation, such as the gender swap fairy tales and death of the artist. Karrie Fransman’s work is incredibly interesting, as she discussed that she isn’t subjected to one form of storytelling, such as working for theContinue reading “Speaker Karrie Fransman”

Online Interview with Owen Davey

Throughout the Illustration: Connections module we needed to contact an illustrator through an online interview, email correspondence etc. Owen Davey is an award winning illustrator based in the UK, for which he is known for his characters, such as lord of the Hafflings and illustrating children’s books. He was absolutely lovely to talk to andContinue reading “Online Interview with Owen Davey”

Part 2 – Email correspondence with John Coulthart

Hello, fellow illustrators, here is the second part of the email correspondence between me and John Coulthart. As an illustration student learning different styles and processes, John Coulthart has greatly helped me influence how to apply and consider the ways I could possibly work in. The reason part 2 is included throughout this blog page,Continue reading “Part 2 – Email correspondence with John Coulthart”

Networking: Email correspondence with Alex Foster

Illustrator Alex Foster is based in Margate and works with children’s book illustrations and maps. Alex Foster’s work is celebrated for being a prominent figure in children’s book illustrations and magazine editorials. His editorial and magazine illustrations have become popular with adults and children alike. One of my favourite Alex Foster’s editorials is the RiverContinue reading “Networking: Email correspondence with Alex Foster”

Networking: Email Correspondence with John Coulthart

As part of the illustration module, we needed to contact different illustrators for the blog page. British graphic artist, illustrator and author John Coulthart, as created the most phenomenal pieces of illustration and art. Through his imagination, colour and obsession with the unknown. I first contacted John Coulthart in early February, thoroughly concerned that IContinue reading “Networking: Email Correspondence with John Coulthart”

Ian Cherry

Graphic design and band manager Ian Cherry, also known as Chezza gave an interesting online lecture at the University of Derby. Ian Cherry previously worked for branding and advertising at a variety of football clubs. He explained that working for these football clubs were the most significant thing throughout his career, especially since he alwaysContinue reading “Ian Cherry”