Derby Museum design sprint

The Derby museum design sprint is an essential part of the illustration connections course. This of course means that we need to do a group project for the Derby museum. The group task is to propose a solution to raise the profile to the derby museum in the city of Derby. We need to take into consideration the suitable audience, behaviours and locations to raise the museum profile. Near the end of the 9th week, we as a group need to present a group proposal, to raise awareness to the public and give an ultimate decision on what will unite us as a group project. The Derby museum promoted an interesting video and virtual tour, that discussed what has been part of the exhibition. I do agree with variety of different artistic values of the derby museum, especially with the prospect of group working and accepting different creative disciplines.

Derby museum, virtual gallery

Firstly we discussed the value of museums in today’s world. In my interpretation, I think museums are needed for discussing knowledge and allowing us to examine artefacts more closely. Though in current age, museums are becoming less popular, and more likely associated with school trips. At least that is what experience is like for some people. The museums I tend to remember is the London history and Liverpool museum, those are ones that really caught my eye as appealing and engaging. The London history museum I remember well because of the giant t – rex as part of the exhibition. So in this brief, we need to take into consideration, the prospect of making it more appealing and encouraging a wide variety of people to visit. I still consider the prospect of art museums to be important in today’s culture, encouraging people to ask questions and interpret the different artworks value. However this is my interpretation.

As part of the design sprint we did examine the people that usually attended a museum. We discussed that older people tend to form a large majority of people that attended exhibitions, specifically art exhibitions. Acknowledging this drawback will be helpful in future exhibitions and planning our own for the Joseph Wright gallery. Obviously there are younger enthusiasts, interested in fine art. But this is only a small minority.

An Experiment with the bird in the air pump, painting by Joseph Wright

The derby museum set us a project of proposing a solution to attract more people to the Joseph wright gallery I have always admired Joseph wright from a young age, especially the chairoscuro elements in his work. Joseph wright is an painter based in Derby, whose known for being ‘the first professional painter to express the spirit of the revolution.’ His candle lit characters are extremely prominent within his paintings. In the group, we discussed who we are and what are specialities are in illustration or graphic design. It was quite interesting to observe, the different works of the graphic designers and examine their particular ways of working. So later this week, we need to investigate further Joseph wright and how we plan to connect are work within a group.

As a group we got along quite well, and hopefully this will be helpful in future development and construction of our proposal.

Self portrait by Joseph Wright

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