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Beginning as a contemporary illustrator

Like many artists, I struggle with the expectation of a style. I try many from colour to line art, and I still find in my third year of illustration trying to do them all. But, I personally think the way artists and illustrators should develop a style Is through practice. Drawing from photographs and life…

Networking – Email correspondence with Andres Lozano

Hello fellow illustrators and graphic designers and welcome to another blog. Throughout the connections course, I have interviewed quite a few illustrators and graphic designers. Andres Lozano, a Spanish illustrator living in the UK. Lozano is known for his playful and humorous illustrations, with personal style surrounding colour. Thank you Andres Lozano for this email…

The Careers development centre

As part of the illustration connections module, our last blog focused on connecting with the careers development centre at the University of Derby. This particular blog was optional, but I decided to write my responses after the appointment. I got some very positive feedback regarding my cv and portfolio. Though there are elements that I…

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