Design Connections event

Throughout the connections module, we were encouraged to go to a design connections event organised by Debbie Longridge. The design connections event invited a variety of different illustrators, graphic designers and other creative design industries to the talk. Keith Cox from Block digital, Helen Day is the curator of the ‘ wonderful world of lady bird artists’, Victoria Hall from rare games and many other illustrators and designs attended the practice. We asked a variety of questions, concerning the importance of portfolios and the experience of working in an industry.

The event has greatly encouraged me to scope further into the design industry, specifically companies involved with books. I felt so encouraged to speak to some of these significant illustrators and designers, especially the ladybird books. The ladybird books, in my opinion was an important feature within the book industry from the 1960s to 1980s. My parents, reflect that ladybird books were so popular with children and contributed to the already growing book industry.

The ladybird industry set the foreground for printing professional and traditionally drawn book designs. The ladybird books still remain a classic towards children and adults alike, especially when the company started catering towards adults in late 2017. I personally admire and would love working for a company like the ladybird books. As I seek to align myself with continuing the traditional illustration. But I overall loved the people that attended. I am deciding this week, to ask questions and start to continue with working on my portfolio.

The Story of Nelson, published by ladybird book publishing
Lawrence du Garde Peach (Author), John Kenney (Illustrator)

In the afternoon, we continued working on the other group project. My group have extended, there research and have added new ideas on how to make Joseph wright’s work be more appealing in museums. I was focusing on the different elements within Joseph wright’s paintings, especially the combination between light and dark. I compared it, to the colours seen in the industrial revolution. The other people within my group, were focusing on Joseph wright’s most famous painting ‘ A philosopher lecturing on the Orrery’, where we were considering constructing a virtual project of the orrery. Of course this idea is needed to be fully explored further, where we can include all are different ideas. Though I have to admit, I do like this idea, for our group project.

A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery, 1766 painted by Joseph wright

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