Design Sprint – Team Strategy

Hello illustrators and graphic designers and welcome to another blog. This morning we discussed the different elements within a creative CV. What is a creative CV? A creative cv is designed to support and showcase your creative skills, and implement areas including work experience, volunteering, commissioning and live briefs. The objective of a creative CV is to show the most important work within your portfolio, we were encouraged to start examining and consider creating a creative CV. We noted as a group the importance directing your CV to the companies and organisations you would like to work for. Whenever this be an international cooperation or a local studio. I personally would love to work for a studio or work freelance. But if I decided to work in a studio, then I will more likely head towards an printing studio or specialising in traditional techniques.

Joseph wright exhibition and collection, Derby museum

Today as a group we examined and discussed reasonable ideas to propose to the Derby Museum. The intention of this project is to attract people to the Derby Museum, with a given proposal. We first discussed the cost necessary and the space within the Joseph wright section of the museum. Overall the Joseph Wright exhibition, had a reasonably large room to work with. The first consideration is the wall colour. The colour at the moment is considered quite bland and doesn’t exactly go with the surrounding paintings. The other prospect is the location and distribution of the chairs. As you well know, the chairs are situated in a large element of the room. The group at first suggested, the possibility of removing the chairs, especially the amount of chairs. So therefore the space will be open up further. However, after this discussion, I pointed out that we needed to still keep some of the chairs, for people that can’t walk properly and others that just want to look at the painting.

Joseph Wright collection and exhibition, Derby Museum

Throughout this group discussion, it was our intention to promote effective ideas with a reasonable cost. One of the ideas we came up with was a proposal to create an orrery out of wood, with interactive elements involved. Which personally would be very good with younger children, to explore and learn actively. However, as a group we still were looking at the cost. The next one proposed was an projection of an Orrery in the centre of the joseph wright exhibition. This idea was proposed by another person in the group. However I added to this idea further by allowing multiple buttons to reveal different sections of the Orrery with colourful and attractive elements. I also suggested the addition of sensors as another course of action. For example if you stand on one particular section of the joseph wright room it will reveal certain amounts of information and possibly audio.

The moon was another feature of discussion, for example how we wanted kids to contribute to the Joseph wright museum? By creating there own Orrery. I was going to mention the possibility of allowing kids to create their own planets of the Orrery out of paper Mache, as it is considered a low costing material. Or did we want a quiz, of Joseph Wright’s paintings, to encourage kids to learn more. I implemented further that perhaps the quiz, could involve a virtual setting, for example using Kahoot, as a cheaper alternative, as it is used more widely in schools and quite a lot of younger people do have access to a device. However this can be an addition to the paper form quiz.

Kahoot Logo

Next week we will discuss the research gathered and come to a full conclusion on which idea is the most suitable. Especially, in attributes to cost, size and material use. But until then, I was set the task on researching more about joseph wright throughout his time, especially within the lunar society. I have so far gathered research into who joseph wright was as a person, and how would this reflect the nature of his art. This is an association with the characteristics of him as a person, and how he identifies himself within his work. This will be an important, as showcasing why it will be more of himself, rather than just his paintings.

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