The Careers development centre

As part of the illustration connections module, our last blog focused on connecting with the careers development centre at the University of Derby. This particular blog was optional, but I decided to write my responses after the appointment. I got some very positive feedback regarding my cv and portfolio. Though there are elements that I definitely need to improve upon, including spelling and important features not to include within the CV. I will improve the CV with connecting the spelling and constructing the CV more clearly as advised. Throughout the discussion I was encouraged to write a skills cv rather than one based on experience. As currently I have very little experience with working in an agency. This therefore would encourage me to look further into working in an illustration agency over the summer. To help gain further experience and develop the content of the CV.

I did get quite a few job recommendations suggestions, including the illustration company Twinkl and other art organisations, which I will definitely look upon. Twinkl is a children’s book publishing agency based in Sheffield, but works and teaches with children to encourage learning and development. I really like the idea of emailing Twinkl, as I do find that my illustration career will direct itself to a more children’s book approach. From the conversation from Val, I was also inspired to look for job opportunities within Derbyshire. I have examined different companies, specifically the planet illustration, which I will definitely contact further.

Overall, the feedback was positive and I will try and find the relevant experience necessary to further strengthen and promote my CV, as an illustrator.

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