Final Pitch

So far the illustration connections course has been a very positive experience, especially working with other graphic designers and illustrators. But after weeks it has finally come to a close, where we did our group presentations. After presenting our final presentation, our group received feedback on what we could improve on and what was deemed successful. This feedback helped illustrate our progression and allowed us to accept ideas and opinions of others.

For the Orrery, was deemed quite successful from the module leaders, especially relating to positioning within the space. Though the module leaders did suggest that it was the projection idea, not the Orrery that would attract younger people in terms of an instagramble approach. But loved both ideas regardless. I personally loved the comments regarding the prospect of an Orrery. I felt as a group project that this was quite successful, as provided by rigorous planning and determination. Though there were a few harsh criticisms that were not mentioned in the previous draft pitch, which honestly we would prefer it was mentioned then. We would start to adjust these requirements had they had been at an early date. But despite the harsh criticism, which we will fully review, it has come to my intention that group effort as a whole, was quite successful.

My practice sketch for the deckchair design

The next part of our proposal situated on the appearance and look of the space. For which there was no major problems. However they did suggest that we make the space look ‘too – cluttered’ , because there were so many ideas that we were presenting to the museum. Admittingly I have to agree that we should of furthered and strengthen links between the different elements of the Joseph Wright exhibition. The ‘too cluttered’ response was added to the additional features such as the light boxes. However, I did think the light boxes were quite successful for the proposal, as it linked with the Chiaroscuro workshop. Though as a group, we will certainty heed to this advice being presented.

The Chiaroscuro workshop, was considered quite successful for different ages of the younger age demographic. And obtained good links with the hand outs and quizzes workshop. The lecturers enjoyed the Chiaroscuro workshop photographs, as shown below. As an alternative way for younger people to learn and engage in Joseph Wright’s workshop.

Similarly the hand outs and the quizzes were quite successful, throughout the presentation. Which commented will help people to interact with the museum. The merchandise was considered quite successful, and the comments on the items being sold, for example the necklace, where positive. I hope that this feedback will help me develop a more interesting and developed ideas over our presentation. I am happy overall, on the results of our presentation and working as a set part of a group. Working with other illustrators and graphic designers, have developed my interactive skills as an illustrator and contributed to successful communication. I hope that the skills I have gathered would help me work with other graphic designers in the future.

As part of the illustration connections module, the Derby Museum set us to create a deckchair design. Below is my final deckchair design. I decided represent the joseph Wright chiaroscuro elements through a black and white filter, within my deckchair design. It was important to consider the different ways this deckchair could attract people to the Derby museum. It has come to my attention, that I should of strengthened the contrast between the different tonal values in photoshop. To communicate a more effective message. My design was unfortunately not chosen, but I have definitely learnt from this as an experience, and hopefully in future briefs, I will consider more carefully the design choices. I certainty understand the reasoning behind being chosen, especially the complications of being difficult to see, especially the black elements. The other is that my design looks rather sketchy, and this would be difficult to print on a deckchair. I overall loved the experience with creating this deckchair and working with other members in a group.

My illustration design – Jessica Hall

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