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Hello illustrators and graphic designers and welcome to another blog. Here is an update, we have recently discussed the different ideas concerning the Joseph Wright exhibition, and how we can apply different things including colour, design and layout. We have decided to go with the Orrery idea as the main feature. Where we will include the Orrery as the main feature within the proposal. However, we will also include a day and night time theme, where in the day time, there will be a quizzes for people to be involved in. Whereas at night, we have decided upon using a projection. And therefore a curtain, to animate different parts of the painting. Which in all honesty, I do love the idea. In the group, we have decided upon the main colour scheme which will be a darker navy colour. As it will go with the golden frames. We decided on a main idea, to follow through with, rather than going on countless ideas.

Jessica Hall, imagining a portrait for the workshop

I have finished by previous research and will know help with the quiz, i.e making it stronger. They are also suggested that I work on my own interpretation of Joseph wright’s artwork, to follow through with. So I am going to practice drawing it to make it appealing to children.

My own idea is to work on the Chiaroscuro workshop, which will be split into two different ideas. The first being is applying blackboards within the children’s workshop, to teach children the important elements of light and dark within Joseph Wright’s work. I choose blackboards as it allows children to make mistakes, without the need for paper. Though I will definitely include paper, as an alternative to the blackboards. What will be taught in this workshop? The essentials of this children’s workshop will ask children what they particularly liked about the Joseph Wright exhibition, i.e paintings, the Orrery. And in turn ask these children to respond, through drawing. These don’t typically need a professional to teach, as it is a child’s response throughout the exhibition. Here are examples of what I would want children to do.

Johannes Vermeer (1665) Girl with the pearl earring, Mauritshuis · The Hague

The second part of the Chiaroscuro Workshop is to include young creatives. The first part, is to consider the branding aspect. And after much discussion, branding via Facebook would be a very successful alternative to posters. Whilst I have nothing against the poster idea, the problem with them, is that they get thrown away easily. One benefit of using Facebook is that it can reach people across the world, which is my intention. The other problem I have dealt with, is the professional aspect within the adult workshop. So I will turn to a professional to be hired by the museum to teach Chiaroscuro workshop. The problem with this first idea, is that the Derby museum has limited funding. So it is more likely, that it would have to be a paid workshop, to allow an artist / illustrator to teach.

Jessica Hall, my deckchair design draft

The following week we continued to develop our ideas and put are entire process and development of ideas towards a presention. The presentation was quite successful, though there were a few elements we needed to take under consideration. The first issue the lectures addressed was the q r codes, which were originally going to be displayed throughout the museum, to reveal information about the paintings. The lecturers suggested that not everyone has good tech knowledge. So could we put the information still near the paintings themselves. This issue, we will definitely take on board, to make the room accessible for everyone. The others were recommendations about what we could add to strengthen the presentation further, i.e creating a Chairoscuro photography workshop and seeing a full final outcome of the Orrery. We have taken this response on board with creating a Chairoscuro photography workshop, by editing photos with a high black and white contrast. We will also try and show the final outcomes of the Orrery design, that is if we are not limited by time constraints

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